How to learn android and iphone programming?

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How to learn android and iphone programming?

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I want to learn Android and iPhone Programming, any help?

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How to learn android and iphone programming?

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How to learn android and iphone programming?

مشاركةبواسطة Sherif Mohsen » الخميس أكتوبر 17, 2013 2:50 pm

"To develop Android apps you should know basic of programming like java principles or C++ or C#, then download Android Software Development Kit SDK, download Code editor IDE like Eclipse, and download Android Documentation

You can develop iPhone/ iPad apps through programming using Objective-C programming language, and know some of Programming Libraries and techniques related to iOS mobile operating system, Then you can develop your own iphone app, publish it, and earn money from downloading it.
"Or you can join training diploma in Android or iPhone at training centers.
There are many training centers providing these diplomas, But I think one of the best training centers in Egypt is AMIT Learning in Maadi, Cairo.
The Diplomas start from zero level to advanced without any need to previous programming background.
The Instructors work in multinational companies with great work experience in mobile development field, and also you will develop real apps in the diploma and test them on real mobile devices.
The training center is certified from the Egyptian Syndicate of Engineering and The Egyptian Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.

I think the master android diploma was 112 hours, and the master iphone diploma was 92 hours.
You can call them and ask for more details on 0227507627 ? 01096971990

And this is the website of AMIT:"

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